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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful moms. We wouldn’t be here without you. To my own mom, thank you for everything you have done for me. From giving me life, to being my nurse, my cheerleader, my supporter, my school project partner; you have done it all. You have, and always will be, there for me and I am happy to call you my mom. To my mother-in-law, thank you for being a great mom and friend to my wife. You raised an amazing daughter. Which brings me to Brandi. Thank you for being the most incredible mother I could ever imagine for my own child. Jaedyn loves you more than anything in the WHOLE WORLD and I have no doubt you will always be her best friend. You never hesitate to jump out of bed at the first sound of a whimper or dive to catch her before she falls. You sing and cheer when you first get her up in the morning and when you lay her to bed at night. Jaedyn is such a happy and energetic little girl and I have no doubt that this is because of the love and excitement you show to her everyday. It is clear to see the joy you bring to her. Jaedyn is so lucky to have you. I am lucky to have you.

From Jaedyn:

b vbyyy yx xsmm bmbmbmu7pl        sxb  njrteddf (We are still working on the typing but pretty sure “I love you” was in there.)





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